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Hello friends,

New Year is round the corner—and like previous years, you must be thinking of making some resolutions!

Why not resolve to not hate anybody from now on - but only love! You may ask,”Why love and not hate?”

Well, young friends, there are several reasons for this –and a few of them are given below:

• God being common Father of us all, can never like our hating each other. Even our worldly parents, responsible for our birth, do not like their children hating each other –in fact, irrespective of the merit of the case, perhaps nothing pains them more!

• Vedas as well the Gita, which are some of the most revered and ancient scriptures, instruct us to see God in everyone; our own soul in others, and theirs in us. It means that hating anybody amounts to insulting God.

• By hating others, we are inviting them to hate us. As Dada J.P.Vaswani Ji, a world renowned saint, has said, ”Do you send out thoughts of hatred and enmity to others ? Then, hatred and enmity will come back to you, turning your life into a veritable hell.” Will it not be better if we avoid this vicious circle in the beginning itself and live in peace?

• Hatred is like wildfire—once it engulfs our hearts, it spreads to all other organs also leads to several psychosomatic diseases. It also makes us cynical, bitter and resentful, adversely affecting our personality.

• Though there need not be any specific reason for hating others, usually there is something in them which we do not like, rightly or wrongly. Even if our dislike is based on facts, can we say truly that we are absolutely free from all blemishes? This is why perhaps Bible also guards us against being judgmental. ”Judge not others that ye not be judged.”, it says.

• Experts in human psychology say that we are all products of our heredity, education and environment. Religion adds that who we are is impacted by the sanskaras (impressions) of our past births and the operation of the karmic theory. If the interplay of all these factors makes some person unpleasant, do they not deserve our sympathy and pity rather than hatred?

• Hating for long makes it difficult for us to give up this pernicious emotion even when we have found that it is unjustifiable on several counts. May be what Buddha said centuries ago can be of help to us: “Hate is never overcome with hate -It is overcome only with love; know it as the Eternal Law.” Love of course means forgiveness, tolerance, patience, goodwill, understanding and universal brotherhood.

In fact true love is like that only. It can be compared to the rays of the moon, the fragrance of the flowers and the beauty of the morning dew-- and much more!

Love is certainly a much better option than hating! Let us give it a chance in our lives and see how it works! Have a wonderful and love-filled year ahead!

Best of luck!

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